Gift Vouchers

  Fee Payable Room Rental Fee Service Provider Recommended Minimum Fee
(All Prices are Inc GST)
Lollipop $55.00 $15.00 $40.00


Full Service

$105.00 $35.00 $70.00


Full Service

Hump Day (Wednesday)

$110.00 $30.00 $80.00

30 Min

Full Service

$130.00 $50.00 $80.00

45 Min

Full Service

$170.00 $60.00 $110.00

60 Min

Full Service

$220.00 $70.00 $150.00
30 mins $130 Inc GST
45 mins $170 Inc GST
60 mins $220 Inc GST

As CoVid19 has impacted so many people and businesses. MyAibi is doing what it can to support all the wonderful people who make our establishment great.

Our Service Providers, our wonderful front of house staff and of loyal customers who come to our establishment week in and week out.

We know it has been tough on everyone, so we are offer incredible value in the gift vouchers.  Never before offered in the industry, until now.

After you purchase these vouchers via the secure online method. You will sent your voucher through email with a unique code, specific to you.

Take advantage of this unprecedented time with never before offered gift vouchers. A great gift to someone you miss or a mate doing it tough.

There is NO Expiry & NO LIMIT to the number of vouchers you can buy.

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