Global Sexual Statistics

Global Sexual Statistics
February 20, 2018

Here’s a thought – on any given day, sexual intercourse takes place 120 million times on earth. That means 240 million people are having sex each day!


The country that spends the longest time during sexual intercourse is Brazil at an incredible 30 minutes (Which isn’t the last time you’ll see the Brazilians represented in this article, by the way). The U.S, Canada, and the UK follow at 28, 23, and 21 minutes respectively. The world’s fastest performers are Thailand at 10 minutes and Russia at 12.

Russians might be quick, but they’re also frequent, as one of the most sexually active countries on record: 80% of the population has sex at least once a week. The U.S and France also fall into this category. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Hong Kong at under 50 times a year.

But if you believe it’s not what you do but how, then satisfaction is the most important measure.So which countries are happiest in the sack (or the car, or the fields…)? Below is a list that was put together by Alternet after sifting through a variety of sexual data from around the globe.

  1. Switzerland – 32% of them have had sex al fresco!
  2. Spain – recently topped the world’s “best male lover” list, compiled from a sample of 15,000 women from around the globe.
  3. Italy – sexual seduction in Italy begins at the table, as food and sex are inextricably linked.
  4. Brazil – and these folks lose their virginity before almost any other nation.
  5. Greece – where they are completely relaxed about discussing their sex lives at work, with friends and of course partners.
  6. The Netherlands – 64% of them are confident, asserting their needs and wants during sex – compared, for example, to only half of Americans.
  7. Mexico – often rated as one of the horniest countries in the world!
  8. India – with a first-sex average age of 22, showing some things are worth waiting for!
  9. Australia – Aussie AussieAussie! 75% of Ockers have had sex on the road!
  10. Nigeria – ranked by Durex as the number one most sexually satisfied nation in the world with a 67% gratification rate. But the women are also recorded as the most unfaithful… wonder if the two are linked??