An Unlikely Sex Worker

Upon reading Kate Holden’s wonderful autobiography In My Skin, published by Text Publishing in 2005, many people were surprised to learn that its author was a heroin addict and professional sex worker for five years... Read more.

Memorable Movie Strippers

In her leather bra and chaps, Jessica Alba manages to pull off one of the hottest performances in cinema history. Although when you’re Jessica Alba, it’s probably not that hard. Following the film’s release, images... Read more.

The Handy Health Benefits

Sure, some fun between the sheets is probably not as beneficial as a gym session (unless you’re doing some really strenuous stuff!), but getting that heart rate up is always a good thing, right? Having sex is thought... Read more

Our Aphrodisiac Advice

The word “aphrodisiac” comes from Ancient Greece. Derived from "aphrodisios" which means "pertaining to Aphrodite", the Greek Goddess of love, an aphrodisiac is something you can eat, drink or ingest to stimulate and enhance sexual desire... Read more

A Brief History Of Brothels In Europe

Prostitution has a famously long history, with its first recorded mention appearing in Sumerian records from c. 2400 BCE.... Read more

Global Sexual Statistics

Here’s a thought – on any given day, sexual intercourse takes place 120 million times on earth. That means 240 million people are having sex each day!.... Read more

The Original Happy Hooker

Xaviera Hollander's career as a sex worker couldn't be further from typical fictional portrayals of debasement, addiction and violent pimps.... Read more

Desire for Birth Control

These days, we have access to the finest scientifically developed methods available.....Read more

Japanese Love Hotels

First of all, they’re much cleaner and more sanitary. They’re also extremely discreet – parking lots invisible from the road, front windows heavily tinted and room windows covered by shutters.....Read more

Famous Foot Fetishists

The following year, the University of Bologna carried out a study into the prevalence of different fetishes......Read more

The 50 Shades of Grey Phenomenon

The book was written by Englishwoman EL James but was first published in limited runs by a small independent press here in Australia.......Read more